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Specialty Shows

Ohm Sweet Ohm does offer some 'specialty' shows in the Ohm Show catalogue:

NON PROFIT EVENT - If you are a 501(c)3 non profit organization, and you host an Ohm Show, the 20% in sales incentive can be given to your organization in cash, as opposed to 20% of merchandise.  After sales are totaled, a check will be written to the non-profit organization.  The organization must be a 501(c)3, and proof of this must be shown prior to scheduling the show.  
It's a great, fun way to earn some revenue for your organization!

MINI METAPHYSICAL EVENT - Ohm will set up a mini event at your home or office, that will supple merchandise, psychic readers or mediums, as well as our Ohm Aura camera.  It's like a mini metaphysical fair!

SILVER AND PSYCHICS EVENT - Ohm Sweet Ohm displays at many metaphysical events.  We have partnered with some well-known clairvoyants who will come to your home, and give psychic readings to your friends as others shop Ohm products!  It is a wonderful and fun, and very novel way, to spend the day!  Those who choose to have readings do pay the clairvoyant a fee, usually lowered for a show. Most readings are scheduled for half hours.  As an added incentive, the host/hostess receives their half hour reading at no charge!  You receive a free reading and 20% of sales in jewelry and gift items!

(for businesses or organizations) - Ohm Sweet Ohm also offers a 'psychic' event for businesses as well.  Ohm Sweet Ohm brings a number of tarot card readers, psychics, and/or mediums, who will read for your clients as others shop Ohm products.  The clients who choose readings do pay the readers a fee.  Most readings are for 20 or 30 minutes.  This is an especially fun evening event for businesses who want to find a novel way to entertain their customers or employees.  Some will host a reception as their guests shop and get their tarot readings.  NOTE: THIS EVENT CAN BE HELD WITHOUT OHM PRODUCTS, AS A 'READING' PARTY ONLY

The host/hostess receives 20% of Ohm Sweet Ohm's total sales in jewelry and gifts, as well as free readings; or if this is chosen without Ohm products, using just readers, the host will receive free readings based on how many readings are purchased!

(for homes) - See details here, where Vessel of Spirit will come to your home for group readings.  The hostess receives their reading at no charge.  This even does not include Ohm Sweet Ohm products.  Vessel of Spirit can supply more readers if they are required.

Besides a wonderful array of handcrafted jewelry and art items, Ohm also carries a wide range of metaphysical items, perfect for a Psychic or Tarot show!

Amethyst & Sterling Yin Yang Pendant

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