Ohm Shows
Home or Business Shows
Home 'Ohm' and 'Trunk' Shows are an easy, fun way to offer your friends, family or employees the opportunity to 'shop at Ohm', and you reap the rewards!

Here's how it works:  You choose which type of show you wish to host.  An Ohm Sweet Ohm representative will visit to look at the space you have available, and make suggestions as to which products or services you might want us bring to your show, and to schedule a date for your show.

You invite your guests, or in the case of a business, let your clients and employees know of the event.  On the pre-planned day of your party, Ohm arrives about two hours early in order to set up the displays.  

Your guests show up. Some hosts choose to offer a light snack like cake and coffee or whatever you desire, and as we all visit,your guests shop Ohm products.  They take the products with them that day, unless they desire a rare special order.

After the sales are totaled, YOU (the host) get to take 20% of total sales in free merchandise of your choosing from the entire Ohm Sweet Ohm inventory!  Example:  $500. in sales will allow you a $100 credit to shop at Ohm!  You can also count orders from your guests or employees who can't attend from items they pre-order on Ohm Sweet Ohm's webstore, and we'll bring those items to you for delivery to your friends.  

At the end of your party, it will take Ohm Sweet Ohm about two hours to repack all the displays and merchandise.  You get your items that day as well, since you are choosing them from inventory in that moment.  No waiting.  No orders.  No hassle.

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